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The Georgia Review Summer 1992

Table of Contents


South of the Ultima Thule

by Emily Hiestand

The Taking of Charlotte

by Joan Marcus

When Love in Autumn Blooms

by Gregg Palmer

Beckett Dead Imagine

by Jan Jonson


by Philip Booth

In the Land of Lotus Eaters

by Tony Hoagland

My Mother, Becoming a Widow

by Dannye Romine Powell

Sestet for Many Voices

by Wayne Dodd

Showing a Friend My Town

by Harry Humes

Two days before


Yankee Doodle

by Cecile Goding

Heart Troubles (on A Model World and Other Stories by Michael Chabon; The Language We Use Up Here and Other Stories by Philip Gambone; Crash Diet by Jill McCorkle; & Labor for Love by Sandy Huss)

by Greg Johnson

on Into the Badlands by John Williams

by David Kennedy

on Mandelstam Variations by David Morley

by David Kennedy

on Narodniki Women: Russian Women Who Sacrificed Themselves for the Dream of Freedom by Margaret Maxwell

by Anne C. Bromley

on The Practice of the Wild by Gary Snyder

by Michael Strickland

Once Upon a Time: Narrative Poetry Returns? (on Covenant by Alan Shapiro; The Black Riviera by Mark Jarman; Autumn Eros and Other Poems by Mary Kinzie; The Gathering of My Name by Cornelius Eady; & Saints in Their Ox-hide Boat by Brendan Galvin)



Summer 1992