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The Georgia Review Summer 1993

Table of Contents


“Speak, Video”: Life, Death, and Memory in the New Age

by Mark Z. Slouka

Local Education, Global Concerns: The United States and Japan

by Ihab Hassan

Niki’s Window: Detroit and the Humiliation of History

by Jerry Herron

Tracking Nietzsche

by John Marks

What She Left Me

by Judy Doenges

“Countless Dark Bodies Are to Be Inferred Near the Sun” & “Objects Contain the Possibility of All Situations”

by H. L. Hix

Her Face

by Donald Hall

In the Hollow of an Intricate City

by Emily Hiestand

One Explanation

by Jennifer O'Grady


by Claire Bateman

Set Theory

by Nikki Herbst

There Is No Wind in Heaven

by Don Welch

Together & The Life of the Body

by Diane Bonds

Valentine at Fifty

by Betty Adcock

A Realist in the American Theatre: Selected Drama Criticism of William Dean Howells by Brenda Murphy

by Gerald Weales

Figured Carpets: The Collected and the Selected (on What I Think I Know: New and Selected Poems by Robert Dana; A Last Bridge Home: New and Selected Poems by Dan Gerber; New and Selected Poems by Stephen Berg; If I Had Wheels or Love: Collected Poems by Vassar Miller; & The Path to Fairview: New and Selected Poems by Julia Randall)


The Politics of Mass Thought and Measured Forms (on Politics by Other Means: Higher Education and Group Thinking by David Bromwich & Conspiring with Forms: Life in Academic Texts by Terry Caesar)

by Sanford Pinsker

Under Western Skies (on Angels and Others by Ken Smith; The Wedding Dress: Stories from the Dakota Plains by Carrie Young; The Secret of Cartwheels by Patricia Henley; & Crossing Wyoming by David Romtvedt)

by Greg Johnson


Summer 1993