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The Georgia Review Summer 2000

Table of Contents

Special Feature

His Town; The Overt; The Reverse Side; Rubbing; Losing Steps; Returning from an Artist’s Studio; Phantom; At the Restaurant; Art; Zero Hour; The Party; & Sixty

by Stephen Dunn

Remembering Stanley W Lindberg: A Festschrift

by Lee K. Abbott, Frederick Busch, Kathryn Stripling Byer, Fred Chappell, Stephen Corey, Stephen Dunn, Gary Gildner, Albert Goldbarth, Lola Haskins, Mary Hood, James Kilgo, Judith Kitchen, Sydney Lea, Susan Ludvigson, Cleopatra Mathis, Linda Pastan, Sanford Pinsker, Marjorie Sandor, Nat Sobel, Gerald Welles, Robley Wilson, & Paul Zimmer

The Ashes of August

by Kim Barnes

Rug Weaver

by Barbara Klein Moss


by Don Welch

The Last Place Where Birds Live

by Linda Taylor


by Louise Erdrich

“Bursting Under the Window, Inconsolable”: Five Recent Chapbooks (on 3 Marbles by Judith Kerman; Kissing the Bees by John Sokol; Surge by Matthew Cooperman; Bukowski Boulevard by Joan Jobe Smith; and The Last Campaign by Rachel Loden)

by Paul Zimmer

Brute Force: Violent Stories (on What Salmon Know by Elwood Reid; How Animals Mate by Daniel Mueller; The Wonders of the Invisible World by David Gates; Poachers: Stories by Tom Franklin; and Close Range: Wyoming Stories by Annie Proulx)

by Erin McGraw

The Subjective Correlative (on A Saturday Night at the Flying Dog and Other Poems by Marcia Southwick; Then, Suddenly by Lynn Emanuel; In the Surgical Theatre by Dana Levin; Swarm by Jorie Graham; and Lifelines: Selected Poems, 1950-1999 by Philip Booth)

by Judith Kitchen


Summer 2000