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The Georgia Review Summer 2001

Table of Contents


Reading E. B. White: Perfect Pitch, Perfect Catch

by Barbara C. Mallonee

A Brief Geological Guide to Canyon Country

by Patricia Hackbarth

Meeting the Family

by Mary Kenagy

Watched and Listened: Stories about the Boys

by Jim Heynen


by Sheryl Luna

In the Summer of Cathedrals and Titian Reds

by Alice Friman

July 20, 1969

by Gregory Djanikian

Local Visitations (“Twain in Atlantic City,” “Charlotte Brönte in Leeds Point,” “Tolstoy in South Jersey,” & “George Eliot in Beach Haven”)

by Stephen Dunn

Morning Glories

by Kathleen A. Wakefield

Pear Tart

by Len Roberts

Radio Waves

by Gene Zeiger

The Morning of the Red Admirals

by Robert Dana

We’ve Been Sleeping Together All Week; Wrong Number After Midnight; & Desperate Measures

by David Clewell

Articles of Faith (on Pastoralia by George Saunders; One Day in the Life of a Born Again Loser and Other Stories by Helen Norris; Bad Jews and Other Stories by Gerald Shapiro; and The Stories of J. F. Powers by J. F. Powers)

by Erin McGraw

Contemporary American Fiction Through University Press Filters (on American Dream, American Nightmare: Fiction since 1960 by Kathryn Hume; Violence in the Contemporary American Novel: An End to Innocence by James R. Giles; and The World Is Our Home: Society and Culture in Contemporary Southern Writing, edited by Jeffrey J. Folks and Nancy Summers Folks)

by Sanford Pinsker

on Gay Fiction Speaks: Conversations with Gay Novelists by Richard Canning

by Myles Weber

on One Stick Song by Sherman Alexie

by Gardner Linn

Q & A (on Seatown and Earlier Poems by Conor O’Callaghan; Stone Sky Lifting by Lia Purpura; Turning Over the Earth by Ralph Black; & Nightworks: Poems, 1962-2000 by Marvin Bell)

by Judith Kitchen


Summer 2001


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