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The Georgia Review Summer 2003

Table of Contents


Mrs. Twomey

by Rafael Campo

The Arrogance of Poetry

by Mark Halliday

The Work of Lyric: Night and Day

by Edward Hirsch

Where Feeling Dwells: On Reading Marianne Moore

by Kimberly Meyer

Il Cortigiano of Thomas Avenue

by Valerie Miner


by Todd James Pierce

Three Funerals

by Christie Hodgen

A Cowardice of Husbands

by David Kirby

Can’t You Hear the Wind Howl?; The Persimmon Bough; & Paradise

by Frank X. Gaspar

Eight Essays on Linguistic Disobedience

by John Kinsella

Five Untitled Poems

by Dionisio D. Martínez

Ghost Weather

by Barbara Ras


by Alan Soldofsky


by Philip Levine

The Pyramids of Malpighi

by Steve Gehrke

The Sweater

by Beth Thomas

This is for the silver of highway

by Connie Voisine

W. H. Auden, Leaving Lubbock, Texas, Writes a Sonnet

by William Wenthe

Words Taken to Heart: Four Answers to One Question

by Allen Grossman

Prairie Air

by Terry Evans

In Trouble (on The Finger Bone by Kevin Prufer; Trouble Lights by William Olsen; Dumb Luck by Sam Hamill; Beyond the Reach by Deborah Cummins; and Still Life with Waterfall by Eamon Grennan)

by Judith Kitchen

on Cogito, Ergo Sum: The Life of René Descartes by Richard Watson

by David L. Lavery

Poets on Poets and Poetry (on Poetry as Survival by Gregory Orr; God and the Imagination: On Poets, Poetry, and the Ineffable by Paul Mariani; The Demon and the Angel: Searching for the Source of Artistic Inspiration by Edward Hirsch; Desperate Measures by William Logan; and The Instant of Knowing: Lectures, Criticism, and Occasional Prose by Josephine Jacobsen and Elizabeth Spires)

by Edward Butscher

Shapes of American Lives (on Phantom Limb by Janet Sternburg; City: An Essay by Brian Lennon; No Such Country: Essays toward Home by Elmar Lueth; and A Memoir of No One in Particular by Daniel Harris)

by Joe Bonomo

A Sacred Vision: An Interview with Czesław Miłosz

by Cynthia L. Haven


Summer 2003