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The Georgia Review Summer 2004

Table of Contents

Special Feature

Contemporary Poetry and the Technological Sublime

by Alison Townsend

Faith and the Impossible: The Gay Sublime

by Linda Gregerson

The Sublime: Origins and Definitions

by David Baker

Charles Wright’s Via Mystica

by Henry Hart

Freedom and Discipline: Hayden Carruth’s Blues

by Brian Henry

Is There an Australian Pastoral?

by John Kinsella

Mixed Messages

by Ira Sadoff

The Enjambed Body: A Step Toward a Crippled Poetics

by Jim Ferris

The Mirror Diary

by Garrett Hongo

“You Might Notice Blood in Your Urine for a Couple of Weeks” / & Scenes from the American Revolution & The Road

by Albert Goldbarth


by Lawrence Raab

Art Tatum at the Gee-Haw Stables; First Nights; & Broken String

by Grace Schulman


by Aliki Barnstone

Describe Yourself in Three Words or Less

by Rita Dove


by John Kinsella & Tracy Ryan

Elegy, Kahuku

by Garrett Hongo

Face & At 24

by Irene McKinney

Having This Definition & You Have Only to Be Alive

by Al Braselton

Hits of the Seventies

by Campbell McGrath

In That Bright Room

by Stacie Cassarino


by Sonia Gernes

Knot Tying Lessons: The Slipknot; Knot Tying Lessons: The Clove Hitch; & Knot Tying Lessons: The Perfection Knot

by Fleda Brown

Making it in poetry & Capital punishment

by Bob Hicok

Sestina for Hayden Carruth

by Sascha Feinstein

Stillbirth; Counted; & New Hunger

by Laure-Anne Bosselaar

The Genius; In the White City; The Gift of October; & Lullabies of the Tulip

by Philip Levine

The Pasha on the Hill; Vision of a Tibetan Master Walking over Snow; & Desultory Photo with Ocean Prospect

by Norman Dubie

Thin Ice & What If

by Susan Wood

Today on Sports Radio WIP

by J. T. Barbarese

Trained Man and Dog

by Vicki Hearne

Uncle Bud, Unshaken in the Wake of Sputnik: October 1957

by David Clewell

on Trouble in Mind by Lucie Brock-Broido

by Amy Schroeder

Row, Row (on Lives of the Animals by Robert Wrigley; Eyeshot by Heather McHugh; Lay Back the Darkness by Edward Hirsch; and Rampant by Marvin Bell)

by Judith Kitchen

What Do Poets Know? (on Planet on the Table: Poets on the Reading Life, edited by Sharon Bryan and William Olsen; Open House: Writers Redefine Home by Mark Doty; The Vehement Passions by Philip Fisher; The Madness of Art: Interviews with Poets and Writers, edited by Robert Phillips; and The Healing Art: A Doctor’s Black Bag of Poetry by Rafael Campo)

by Jeff Gundy


Summer 2004