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The Georgia Review Winter 1948

Table of Contents


A Sketch of the History of Science in Georgia

by Schuyler Medlock Christian

American Writers in Europe

by Joseph Remenyi

Economic Trends in the South

by Charlton Ogburn


by William J. Robertson

Something About Those Eye Gnats

by F. Earle Lyman & Richard P. Dow

States’ Rights, Decentralization, and National Unity

by Thomas Hewes

Sweet with Bitter: Georgia’s Peach

by Inez Parker Cumming

The Elective Franchise in Georgia

by Albert B. Saye

The Twice-Told Tale and Uncle Remus

by Thomas H. English

The United Nations—A Time for Decision

by Thomas J. Hamilton

Essay on a Sandy Hill

by LeGarde S. Doughty

The Cherrywood Coffin

by T. W. Herbert

Humpty Dumpty

by Chad Walsh

Miss Effie and Miss Ann

by Woodridge Spears

O Islands

by Charles Edward Eaton

To The New Year

by D. C. Allen


Winter 1948


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