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The Georgia Review Winter 1964

Table of Contents


Hunting in the Old South Original Narratives of the Hunters, edited by Clarence Gohdes

by Captain Flack

Long-Ago Christmas in Dahlonega

by Margaret Inman Meaders

On Reading the Georgia “Market Bulletin”

by Susan Myrick

Richard Malcolm Johnston’s Marriage Group

by Robert Bush

Robert Lewis Dabney, Southern Conservative

by Francis B. Simkins

The Influence of William Faulkner

by George Garrett

Uncle Bob and the Rain Song

by Helen F. Blackshear

Wolfe’s Altamont: The Mimesis of Being

by Anthony Channell Hilfer

Handful of Earth

by Jane Hart

The Swimming Pool

by Polly Redford


by Fedde Schurer & Marten ten Hoor


by Thomas Whitbread

Men of Letters

by Richard Armour

Michelangelo, Old, with A Symbol of the Redeemer

by Harold Grier McCurdy

The Chinese Poet

by Marion Schoeberlein

The Cut Cord

by Esta Seaton

Pastor Boltzius’ Letter of June 1737 to a Friend in Berlin, translated by George Fenwick Jones

by Johann Martin Boltzius

on And Wait for the Night by John William

by George B. Martin

on Renaissance in the South: a Critical History of the Literature, 1920-1960 by John M. Bradbury

by Marion Montgomery

on The Spire by William Golding

by E. C. Bufkin


Winter 1964


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