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The Georgia Review Winter 1965

Table of Contents


An Inflation Activity in the Communications Area

by Calvin S. Brown

Faulkner’s Anse Bundren

by Robert W. Kirk

Hunting in the Old South, edited by Clarence Gohdes

by Charles E. Whitehead

I Spent a Christmas with Lincoln

by Archibald Rutledge

Mama Sayre, Scott Fitzgerald’s Mother-in-Law

by Helen F. Blackshear

The Gardens of John Donald Wade

by Donald Davidson

The Polite Americans

by Gerald Carson

The Day Uncle Marvin Died

by Edward Harper

The Whale in the Attic

by James Playsted Wood

Time of Life

by Hugh Geeslin, Jr.

Country Sonnets

by E. V. Griffith

Halloween Story

by J. Edgar Simmons

The Gift

by William Walden

What I Write About Is You

by Richard Tillinghast

on Mr. Crump of Memphis by William D. Miller

by Willard B. Gatewood, Jr.

on The Quest for Power: The Lower House of Assembly in the Southern Royal Colonies by Jack P. Greene

by John B. Bailey

on William Faulkner of Oxford by James W. Webb, A. Wigfall Green

by John William Corrington


Winter 1965


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