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The Georgia Review Winter 1966

Table of Contents


“The Georgia Review”: Age Twenty

by John O. Eidson

Donald Davidson on Faulkner: An Early Recognition

by M. Thomas Inge

Faulkner, James Baldwin, and the South

by M. E. Bradford

Faulkner’s Manhunts: Fact into Fiction

by Calvin S. Brown

Georgia Avenue in Washington

by Edwin Tribble

Letters to a Young Poet

by Edward Krickel

No Time for Turkeys

by Gerald R. Hunter

The Calling and Commanding of Animals, edited by Tom Landess

by J. Ralph Jones

A Glimpse of Katey

by Mary Lavin

A Mess of Pardiges

by Marion Montgomery

Caleb and the Iron Monster

by William J. Free

The Last Rites

by Terry Hill Pickett

Late Summer in Alabama

by Fletcher McCord

Lines for T. L. 1939-1960; Wedding; Manfred; & Vision

by Warren Leamon

Medusa: Another Country of the Heart

by Michael S. Reynolds

Memphis: 1939

by John William Corrington


by Walter Darring

Six Strings

by Emilie Glen

Synonymies of Spring

by Lyris Hyatt

on Do, Lord, Remember Me by George Garrett

by Tom Waller

on The Poems of Edgar Allan Poe by Floyd Stovall

by Rayburn S. Moore

on Three Paths to the Modern South: Education, Agriculture, and Conservation by Thomas D. Clark

by James C. Bonner


Winter 1966


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