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The Georgia Review Winter 1974

Table of Contents


A Friendship of Poets: The Statesman and the Soldier

by Charles Edward Eaton

In Praise of Alienation: The Bible and Western Culture

by Herbert N. Schneidau

More of the World Viewed

by Stanley Cavell

The Symbol of the Archaic

by Guy Davenport

The World Viewed

by Alexander Sesonske

The Burial

by Jack Matthews

A Letter, 1885 & Eleanor Roosevelt Writes from European Tour, 1918

by Daniel Mark Fogel

Hazard’s Valentine & Crossing Over

by William Meredith

Marchenbilder & As One Put Drunk into the Packet-Boat

by John Ashbery

The Bride’s First Morning Song

by Robert Pack

The Witch’s Life; Locked Doors; & Snow

by Anne Sexton

To Maia & The Middle of the Garden

by Geoffrey H. Hartman

Four Photographs

by John Gossage

Seven Graphics

by Nancy Wolf

on Marxism and Art: Writings in Aesthetics and Criticism by Berel Lang, Forrest Williams

by L. B. Cebik

on Palladio and Palladianism by Rudolf Wittkower; &Inigo Jones: The Theatre of the Stuart Court by Stephen Orgel, Roy Strong

by Ronald Paulson

on The Inverted Bell by Joseph N. Riddel

by Jerome Mazzaro

on The Snare by Elizabeth Spencer

by Rayburn S. Moore


Winter 1974