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The Georgia Review Winter 1975

Table of Contents


Alfred Hitchcock’s “Notorious”

by William Rothman

Monsieur Texte: On Jacques Derrida, His Glas

by Geoffrey H. Hartman

Saint Augustine’s Region of Unlikeness: The Crossing of Exile and Language

by Margaret W. Ferguson

Speaking Silence

by Howard Nemerov

Why Annalists of Ideas Should Be Analysts of Ideas

by Morton White

Au Tombeau de Charles Fourier

by Guy Davenport

Aetate XXXIX & Samson

by Daryl Hine


by Wendell Berry

Swan Dive

by Anthony Hecht

The Trees; The Street; & The Valley

by Lewis Turco

on J. C. Leyendecker by Michael Schau, Coy Ludwig, Susan E. Meyer; Maxfield Parrish by Coy Ludwig; & James Montgomery Flagg by Susan E. Meyer

by Ronald Paulson

on Memoirs and Opinions, 1926-1974 by Allen Tate

by Robert Buffington

on Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror by John Ashbery; Resident Alien by Daryl Hine, John Hollander; Tales Told of the Fathers by John Hollander

by David Bromwich

on Tatlin! Six Stories by Guy Davenport

by Richard A. Wertime

on The Civil War, A Narrative Volume I; Fort Sumter To Perryville Volume II; Fredericksburg To Meridian Volume III; &Red River To Appomattox by Shelby Foote

by John E. Talmadge

on The Illusion of Power: Political Theater in the English Renaissance by Stephen Orgel

by Angus Fletcher

on The Message in the Bottle by Walker Percy

by Walter Benn Michaels


Winter 1975


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