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The Georgia Review Winter 1976

Table of Contents


“Barry Lyndon” Reconsidered

by Mark Crispin Miller

Beckett: The Self at Zero

by Robert Langbaum

John Taylor Arms: An American Mediaevalist

by S. William Pelletier

Poetic Crossing, Ii: American Stances

by Harold Bloom

Professionalized Philosophy and Transcendentalist Culture

by Richard Rorty

The Working Press, The Literary Culture, and the New Journalism

by Morris Dickstein


by Robert Penn Warren

A Story You Know

by Mark Strand


by A. R. Ammons


by Michael G. Cooke


by John Hollander


by Jerome Mazzaro

The Feast of Stephen

by Anthony Hecht

Think Tank

by James Merrill

Three Lais

by John Peck

on A Georgian at Princeton by Robert Manson Myers

by Nan Cooke Carpenter

on Kabbalah and Criticism by Harold Bloom; & Poetry and Repression: Revisionism from Blake to Stevens by Harold Bloom

by Joseph N. Riddel

on The Bloomingdale Papers by Hayden Carruth; Return to a Place Lit by a Glass of Milk by Charles Simic; A Mote in Heaven’s Eye by Donald Finkel; An Afternoon of Pocket Billiards by Henry Taylor; Sadness and Happiness by Robert Pinsky; Diversifications by A. R. Ammons; & The Western Approaches by Howard Nemerov

by David Bromwich

on The Idea of the Canterbury Tales by Donald R. Howard

by Jerome Mitchell

on Vision and Resonance: Two Senses of Poetic Form by John Hollander

by Edward Doughtie


Winter 1976


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