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The Georgia Review Winter 1980

Table of Contents


Beckett’s Plays and the Photographic Vision

by William J. Free

Holes: The Idea of an “Entr’acte”

by William F. Van Wert

In the Suicide Seat: Reading John Hawkes’s Travesty

by Charles Baxter

Robert Penn Warren: Life’s Instancy and the Astrolabe of Joy

by Peter Stitt

The Man Who Loved Women: The Medical Fictions of William Carlos Williams

by Marjorie Perloff

Toward a Philosophy of Photography

by James Guimond

How the Indians Buried Their Dead

by Hilary Masters

Memories and Futures

by Murray Baumgarten

December Forecasts in Seattle

by William Matthews


by Robert Penn Warren


by Arthur Smith

On the Marshes at Dawn

by David Weiss


by Bin Ramke

Polish Dolls

by Geraldine Connolly


by Christopher Bursk

The Other Life

by Tony Petrosky

The Rough-barked Cottonwood

by Robert Bly

A Centered Voice: Susan Sontag’s Short Fiction (on I, Etcetera by Susan Sontag)

by Benjamin Taylor

Dimensions of Reality (on A Romance by Bruce Weigl; The Names You Gave It by Wayne Dodd; Mortal Acts, Mortal Words by Galway Kinnell; & God’s Measurements by Laurence Lieberman)

by Peter Stitt

on Desperate Characters by Paula Fox, Irving Howe; & The Transit of Venus by Shirley Hazzard

by Diane Cole

on Promethean Ethics: Living with Death, Competition, and Triage by Garrett Hardin

by Frederick Ferré

on The Right Promethean Fire: Imagination, Science, and Cultural Change by Ihab Hassan

by William E. Cain

On Women and Art (on The Obstacle Race by Germaine Greer; & Feminist Collage by Judy Loeb)

by Michele Bogart

Poets, Projects, and Personalities (on Enlarging the Temple: New Directions in American Poetry during the 1960s by Charles Altieri; The Fierce Embrace: A Study of Contemporary American Poetry by Charles Molesworth; & Part of Nature, Part of Us: Modern American Poets by Helen Vendler)

by Joseph Parisi


Winter 1980