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The Georgia Review Winter 1981

Table of Contents

Special Feature

Poetry in a Discouraging Time

by Christopher Clausen

from Tristram’s Rhapsody: Tristram’s Attack on Modern Poetry

by Richard Moore

Reading Poets

by Paul Kameen

Style and Tradition

by Jonathan Galassi & Eugenio Montale

The Linear Fallacy

by Marjorie Perloff

The Snow That Is Nothing in the Triangle

by Fred Chappell

A True Voice

by James Wright

Aging Painter Sits Where the Great Tower Heaves Down Midnight

by Robert Penn Warren


by Lisel Mueller


by Mona Van Duyn

Flying Over Illinois at Sunset

by John Engels

For Dulcimer & Doubled Voice

by Jordan Smith

In a Dark Wood

by Bettie M. Sellers


by Ellen Bryant Voigt

Lives of the Poets

by Mona Van Duyn


by Grace Schulman

Mama’s Murders

by Marilyn Nelson Waniek

Milkweed Pods in Winter

by Lisel Mueller

Moonlight Walk: Li Po

by Vern Rutsala

Old Bud

by James Wright

Sadness and Still Life

by Bin Ramke

Severe Figures

by Charles Simic

The Inventions of Memory

by William Matthews

The Man on My Porch Makes Me an Offer

by Carl Dennis


by Lucien Stryk

Interior / Audience Repeated

by Cheryl Goldsleger

At the Beginning and the End of the Earth (on Basin and Range by John McPhee; Sand Rivers by Peter Matthiessen, Hugo van Lawick)

by Sam Pickering

Engagements with Reality (on Selected Poems by Mark Strand; Bazaar by Susan Wood; With Wanda: Town and Country Poems by Paul Zimmer; The Red Coal by Gerald Stern;& The Cheer by William Meredith)

by Peter Stitt

Prize-Winning Novels and the Contemporary Fictional Voice (on After Freud by Mary Elsie Robertson; & Kingdoms by Barry Targan)

by Sanford Pinsker

The Uncanny Mr. Logan (on Only the Dreamer Can Change the Dream: Selected Poems 1953-1973 by John Logan & The Bridge of Change by John Logan)

by Jerome Mazzaro


Winter 1981


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