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The Georgia Review Winter 1982

Table of Contents


“Harbours Like Sonnets” : Literary Maps and Cartographic Symbols

by Jules Zanger

1001 Words: Fiction Against Death

by Wendy B. Faris


by Robert Pope

History of a Dedication

by Stephen Tapscott

Southern Fiction and the Pattern of Failure: The Example of Faulkner

by Elmo Howell

The Falklands, and a Death Foretold

by John Fowles

Northiam Hall

by Nicholas Delbanco

A Checkered Red and White Shirt

by Dennis Trudell

A Corner for Breughel

by Debora Greger

Almost Greek

by Barbara Moore


by Shirley Kaufman

Elegy for Clichés

by Debra Bruce

In the Winter Dark

by Dan Gerber

Love Poem

by Jack Ridi

Soon, and in the Company of a Young Gentleman

by William Dickey

The Country of Her Language

by Leah Zazuyer

Trusting Each Other

by William Stafford

Vivaldi on the Far Side of the Bars

by Michael Knoll

What Happened

by Mariève Rugo


by William Dickey

A Remarkable Diversity (on A Glass Face in the Rain by William Stafford; This Journey by James Wright; The Country Between Us by Carolyn Forché; & The Incognito Lounge and Other Poems by Denis Johnson)

by Peter Stitt

Got It At Last, My Legend: Homage to Samuel Beckett (on Company by Samuel Beckett)

by Parrish Dice Henry

Homage to a Mystery Boy (on American Journal: Poems by Robert Hayden)

by John S Wright

How Many Bibles? (on The Art of Biblical Narrative by Robert Alter; & The Great Code: The Bible and Literature by Northrop Frye)

by Herbert J. Levine

on How Courts Govern America by Richard Neely

by Milner S. Ball

on Literature at the Barricades: The American Writer in the 1930’S by Ralph F. Bogardus, Fred Hobson

by Charles C. Nash

on The Collected Screenplays of Bernard Shaw by Bernard F. Dukore

by Gerald Weales

Photography Raw / Photography Cooked (on The Work of Atget: Old France by John Szarkowski, Maria Morris Hambourg; Three Seconds from Eternity by Robert Doisneau; William Klein, Photographs: New York and Rome also Moscow and Tokyo also Elsewhere, Etc. by William Klein, John Heilpern; & Hearts of Darkness by Don McCullin, John Le Carré)

by James Guimond


Winter 1982