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The Georgia Review Winter 1984

Table of Contents


Big Brother Is You, Watching

by Mark Crispin Miller

Facts and Fictions in Scientific Discourse: The Case of Ether

by Donald R. Benson

How to Be an Ideologue

by George Watson

Selections from Down in My Heart and Two New Poems

by William Stafford

The End of Metaphor

by M. M. Liberman

Music of the Spheres: A Leib Goldkorn Adventure

by Leslie Epstein

Olaf’s Calling

by A. B. Paulson

Clayfeld’s Vision of the Next Beginning

by Robert Pack


by Michael Heffernan

Square Dance

by Barri Armitage

The Anatomy of the Crab Is Repetitive and Rhythmical

by Dennis Hinrichsen

The Consolation of Touch

by Bin Ramke


by William Stafford

To Rise, So Suddenly

by Robin Behn

Wearing Ear Protectors

by William Stafford


by Kendra Kopelke

Are You Singing, Sister? Drawings of Apartheid South Africa

by Selma Waldman

American Indian Legacy (on Native American Renaissance by Kenneth Lincoln; Reading the Fire: Essays in the Traditional Indian Literatures of the Far West by Jarold Ramsey; & Smoothing the Ground: Essays on Native American Oral Literature by Brian Swann)

by Paul G. Zolbrod

on American Fictions, 1940-1980: A Comprehensive History and Critical Evaluation by Frederick R. Karl

by Sanford Pinsker

on Aubade: A Teacher’s Notebook by Wallace Fowlie

by J. T. Barbarese

on Concert in the Park of Culture by Edward Falco

by Stephen Gibson

on One Writer’s Beginnings by Eudora Welty

by S. C.

on Studies in Henry James by R. P. Blackmur, Veronica A. Makowsky

by Carol Camper

on The Dead and the Living by Sharon Olds

by Linda McCarriston

on The Land Before Her: Fantasy and Experience of the American Frontiers, 1630-1860 by Annette Kolodny

by Jacqueline Eis

Poetry Chapbooks: Many Are Called (on Baker’s Dozen by Jim Aubert; The Way into Town by Roy Bentley; Along This Water by William Heyen; In New York City Air by James Humphrey; Kamikaze Polar Bear Sinks Nuclear Submarine by Roger Lell; Tarantulas on the Lifebuoy by Thomas Lux; Thinner You Grow by Richard Lyons; Philippe at His Bath by Constance Pierce; The Angel Poems by Liz Rosenberg; Finding the Path by R. T. Smith; & The Royal Nonesuch by Leon Stokesbury)

by Jared Carter

Scribbling Women (on Private Woman, Public Stage: Literary Domesticity in Nineteenth-Century America by Mary Kelley; & Insatiable Appetites: Twentieth-Century American Women’s Bestsellers by Madonne M. Miner)

by Wai-chee Dimock

Wisdom and Being in Contemporary American Poetry (on Laps by Michael Blumenthal; A Happy Childhood by William Matthews; Black Dog, Red Dog by Stephen Dobyns; Jacklight by Louise Erdrich; Days We Would Rather Know by Michael Blumenthal; & Rules of Sleep by Howard Moss)

by Peter Stitt


Winter 1984