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The Georgia Review Winter 1986

Table of Contents


“The Catcher in the Rye” and All: Is the Age of Formative Books Over?

by Sanford Pinsker

Jules Lion’s New Orleans

by Charles East

The Dialectics of Nudity

by John P. Sisk

The Evolution of Heroes’ Honor in the Southern Literary Tradition

by Bertram Wyatt-Brown

Edward and Jill

by Robert Boswell

Her Book

by Ellen Akins


by Rachel Pastan


by Michael Cadnum

Coming Home from the Post Office

by Philip Levine

Imaginary Numbers & Checkers

by Stephanie Hallgren

Letter Accompanying the Specimen of an Amazing Bird

by Brendan Galvin


by Barri Armitage

This Day After Yesterday

by Philip Booth

Those Who Wrestle with the Angel for Us

by Brigit Pegeen Kelly

You Get So

by Nance Van Winckel

Coherence Through Place in Contemporary American Poetry (on Relations: Selected Poems 1950-1985 by Philip Booth; Selected Poems by Robert Bly; In These Mountains by Peter Sacks; Collected Poems by Robert Hay Den and Frederick Glaysher; & Thomas and Beulah by Rita Dove)

by Peter Stitt

Dickinson: Upon the First Centennial (on Dickinson: Strategies of Limitation by Jane Donahue Eberwein; Emily Dickinson and the Life of Language: A Study in Symbolic Poetics by E. Miller Budick; Dickinson: The Anxiety of Gender by Vivian R. Pollak; & The Master Letters of Emily Dickinson by R. W. Franklin)

by Greg Johnson

Language and Pressure (on Self and Sensibility in Contemporary American Poetry by Charles Altieri; Introspection and Contemporary Poetry by Alan Williamson; & American Poetry and Culture, 1945-1980 by Robert Von Hallberg)

by Thomas Gardner

on Atrocity and Amnesia: The Political Novel Since 1945 by Robert Boyers

by Sanford Pinsker

on Exorcising Blackness: Historical and Literary Lynching and Burning Rituals by Trudier Harris

by B. A. St. Andrews

on Forty Acres and a Goat: A Memoir by Will D. Campbell


on Louise Bogan: A Portrait by Elizabeth Frank

by Carolyne Wright

on Open Season: Sporting Adventures by William Humphrey

by James Kilgo

on Strong Measures: Contemporary American Poetry in Traditional Forms by Philip Dacey and David Jauss

by Peter Wild

on The Post-Modern Aura: The Act of Fiction in an Age of Inflation by Charles Newman

by Geoffrey Harpham

on The Scandal of the Fabliaux by R. Howard Bloch

by Robert R. Edwards


Winter 1986