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The Georgia Review Winter 1997

Table of Contents



by Jane Brox

Going to Rainbow

by Trudy Dittmar

Ice Passages

by Sara Burnaby

The Lap of Luxury

by Nance Van Winckel

Things That Women Taught Me About Water

by Jim Heynen

University Life

by A. B. Paulson

Child Drawing in a Hospital Bed

by Dannie Abse

Chroma & Riffing

by Rick Barot

Do Not Leave Baby Unattended

by Laura Kasischke

For My Mother at the End

by Gene Zeiger

Joseph Shows Up for the Christmas Story Three Days after His Hernia Repair

by Gary Gildner

Listening to a Pavane by Gabriel Fauré

by Don Welch

Love and Death in the Old House

by Anthony Petrosky


by Cate Marvin

Procession of All Souls

by Geraldine Connolly

Sounds of the Resurrected Dead Man’s Footsteps #17, #34, #16, & #11

by Marvin Bell


by Jeffrey Skinner

Stylization and Its Failures

by Turner Cassity

The Appian Way & History of Civilization

by Richard Zenith

The Book of Monsters and Angels

by Siv Cedering

They say dancing

by Starkey Flythe Jr.

Three Epigrams

by John Frederick Nims

We Were Insects and Animals

by Len Roberts

The Waterworks Series

by Rodger Kingston

“I Gotta Use Words…” (on The Patience of the Cloud Photographer by Elizabeth Holmes; Pears, Lake, Sun by Sandy Solomon; The Hour Between Dog and Wolf by Laure-Anne Bosselaar; Eve by Annie Finch; Candy Necklace by Cal Bedient; The Fields of Praise: New and Selected Poems by Marilyn Nelson; & Ardor: The Book of the Dead Man, Volume 2 by Marvin Bell)

by Judith Kitchen

Larger Concerns (on Burning Down the House: Essays on Fiction by Charles Baxter; Believers: A Novella and Stories by Charles Baxter; Hints of His Mortality by David Borofka; Because They Wanted To by Mary Gaitskill; and Bear and His Daughter: Stories by Robert Stone)

by Erin McGraw

on Hello, Stranger: Beach Poems by Robert Dana

by Gary Corseri

on The Blue Caterpillar and Other Essays by Sam Pickering

by Steven Harvey

Playwrights Talking, Playwrights Writing (on Speaking on Stage: Interviews with Contemporary American Playwrights, edited by Philip C. Kolin and Colby H. Kullman; and Plays for the End of the Century, edited by Bonnie Marranca)

by Gerald Weales

When Privacy Becomes Everybody’s Business (on Private Matters: In Defense of the Personal Life by Janna Malamud Smith; Life in a Day by Doris Grumbach; and Portrait of My Body by Phillip Lopate)

by Sanford Pinsker


Winter 1997