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The Georgia Review Winter 2005

Table of Contents


Maps and Stories: A Brief Meditation

by Ihab Hassan

One Summer: Musings about Avoidance, Temperament, and the Poem Becoming a Poem

by Stephen Dunn

Playing for Grace: William Matthews

by Dave Smith


by Charlie Smith


by Cary Holladay

Ordinary Life

by Barbara Bean

The American Male in Serious Decline

by Steve Almond

The Problem of Evil in Hauberk, Missouri

by Michael Davis

At the Edge

by Jack Martin


by Janet Sylvester

How We Practiced Being American

by Gregory Djanikian

The Art of Fresco

by Garrett Hongo

The Telling of Grandmother’s Secret & The Land of Is

by Stephen Dunn

The White Ghosts

by Richard Garcia

When Dylan Left Hibbing, Minnesota, August 1959 & Night Rain

by John Hodgen

New Worlds

by Lily E. Smernou

Between a Rock and a Hard Place (on Damned If I Do by Percival Everett; What You’ve Been Missing by Janet Desaulniers; The Pacific and Other Stories by Mark Helprin; and Sorry I Worried You by Gary Fincke)

by Kathleen Snodgrass

From Voice to Page (on The Writer’s Voice by A. Alvarez and Poets Thinking: Pope, Whitman, Dickinson, Yeats by Helen Vendler)

by Lynnell Edwards

on Consuming Silences: How We Read Authors Who Don’t Publish by Myles Weber

by Steven G. Kellman

on Ogden Nash: The Life and Work of America’s Laureate of Light Verse by Douglas M. Parker

by Louis Phillips

The Uses of Adversity: American Nature Writing in Despair (on The Heart of the Sound: An Alaskan Paradise Found and Nearly Lost by Marybeth Holleman; Liquid Land: A Journey through the Florida Everglades by Ted Levin; Absence and Light by John R. Campbell; and The Future of Ice: A Journey into Cold by Gretel Ehrlich)

by Doug Carlson


Winter 2005