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The Georgia Review Winter 2007

Table of Contents

Special Feature

“A Writer’s Face”: The Letters of Harry Crews (with commentary by Doug Carlson)

by Harry Crews

“If I Do My Job Right”: Harry Crews and His Readers

by Larry Baker


by Jennifer Culkin

A Fable Containing a Reflection the Size of a Match Head in Its Pupil

by Kevin Brockmeier

After the Storm

by Robert Dana

driving past the smith mortuary on seventh street

by Sally Smits

The Pastor’s Wife Considers Her Fifty-Seventh Birthday

by Nola Garrett

Momentary Landscapes

by Pentti Sammallahti

Intense Agitation (on Time to Get Some Things Straight by John Repp; Black Poem by Gary Copeland Lilley; The Making of Collateral Beauty by Mark Yakich; The Invention of Fiction by Rick Bursky;Elegy and Collapse by Patty Paine; Coming to Flood by Sebastian Matthews; Leave Time by Jeff Worley; A House That Falls by Sean Nevin; Daphne and Jim: A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Biography in Verse by Laurel Snyder; Hard Rain by Tony Hoagland; Dusk Outside the Braille Press by Paul Hostovsky; One by Diane Kerr; Carmina Detroit by Dawn McDuffie; Fern-Texts by Reginald Gibbons; First Things to Hand by Robert Pinsky; and The Packing House Cantata by William Trowbridge)

by Paul Zimmer

No Place Like Home (on The Woman in the Woods: Linked Stories by Ann Joslin Williams; You Won’t Remember This: Stories by Kate Blackwell; Thoreau’s Laundry by Ann Harleman; The View From Castle Rock: Stories by Alice Munro)

by Kathleen Snodgrass

on Ralph Ellison: A Biography by Arnold Rampersad

by Myles Weber

Vision and Virtuosity (on Half/Mask by Roger Mitchell; Escaping the House of Certainty by Susan Ludvigson; My Brother Is Getting Arrested Again by Daisy Fried; Wind in a Box by Terrance Hayes; and This Clumsy Living by Bob Hicok)

by Jeff Gundy


Winter 2007