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The Georgia Review Winter 2009

Table of Contents

Special Feature

Goldbarthiana (four photographs)

by Skyler Lovelace

GPS: On the Essays of Albert Goldbarth

by Lia Purpura

Music From (an essay) and 215 N. Fountain; “. . . he could look up and see the wind, made physical by the sand it carried”; Perception Poem; The Pulses; Emma (Mrs. Charles) Darwin; The Serious Business; Struck Together; Miles; Our Heroine Ellen, and Three Pals; & Wrigley’s Gum (poems)

by Albert Goldbarth

These Quiet Poems

by Rick Mulkey & Susan Tekulve

Typewriter and Looney-Tune Lunchbox in the Two Hands of God: Albert Goldbarth, Always Armed and Ready

by Stephen Corey

Tableau Vivant

by Robin Black

Father to Son

by Kathleen A. Wakefield

What I Like about God & What I Like about the Devil

by Joseph Duemer

Genius Loci

by Michael J. Marshall

Hard Books (on Jack Gilbert’s The Dance Most of All; April Bernard’s Romanticism; W. S. Merwin’s The Shadow of Sirius; Jim Harrison’s In Search of Small Gods; Nina Cassian’s Continuum; D. Nurkse’s The Border Kingdom: Poems; and Lucia Perillo’s Inseminating the Elephant)

by Jeff Gundy

Like Tap-Dancing about Architecture (on Reading Dance: A Gathering of Memoirs, Reportage, Criticism, Profiles, Interviews, and Some Uncategorizable Extras, edited by Robert Gottlieb; Nancy Goldner’s Balanchine Variations; Akim Volynsky’s Ballet’s Magic Kingdom: Selected Writings on Dance in Russia, 1911–1925, translated and edited by Stanley J. Rabinowitz; and Jane Goldberg’s Shoot Me While I’m Happy: Memories from the Tap Goddess of the Lower East Side)

by Jay Rogoff

on Temper by Beth Bachmann

by Dorine Jennette


Winter 2009